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The 10 Best Things About Being in a Long Distance Relationship


According to my extensive research into long distance relationships (ie. a quick google search and blindly believing a cool infographic I found), 75% of engaged couples have, at some point, described their relationships as a LDR – so why do long distance relationships still have such a bad reputation? I get it. It’s scary to imagine being far away from someone that you love. It’s kind of weird to have a boyfriend you don’t get to kiss or go on dates with. It’s strange, and it’s difficult, and until you’re in one it’s hard to even understand what it’s really like.

I used to be that girl who thought long distance relationships were just plain stupid; quote from 16 year old me ‘Why would you be with someone who lives in a different city when there are so many other people right here?’ Then I fell in love, and it started to make sense. So now, when I hear judgements from other people on LDRs, it’s not even a tiny bit upsetting, because I know that a lot of their judgements are kind of valid. It isn’t rational to be with someone when you can’t physically be with them, it is weird to skype all day, and it is a little crazy to obsess over someone who’s a thousand miles away. But that’s what love is about – love is weird, and crazy, and irrational, and that’s part of what makes it so fantastic.

That weirdness and irrationality can get tough. It’s hard to be apart from the person you love, and I think that just the idea of that is what makes people think long distance relationships must just be constant emotional torture. Sometimes LDRs suck (see my post on the 10 Worst Things About Being in an LDR). But there are so many great things about them that make it all worth it, and even some things about being apart that are even better than being together (yes, really). Here are 10 of the best things about being in a long distance relationship with someone you love.

Are you in an LDR? Leave a comment below telling us the best and worst parts of being in a long distance relationship with your s/o!

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