Most Days I Just Wish I Was As Happy as a Fat Cat in a Tiny Box

What is it about cats? They just don’t give a fuck about anything. I don’t think they care about being single vs. being in a relationship. They don’t care about how Rebecca got some new $400 motorcycle boots from her mom, meanwhile their family still hasn’t even mailed them a birthday card. Even if their birthday was four months ago. They really don’t care if anyone asks how their day was, and they don’t wonder about the subtext of their crush’s post-midnight text.

I, on the other hand, get caught up in these trivialities on a daily basis. Such is my lot in life. But for today, for one day I want to put aside all the questions and worries and anxieties that are cluttering my brain. Instead, I want to eat all the Oreos and veg out. In other words, I want to be a fat cat in a tiny box.

If you think I’ve officially gone off the deep end, just take a look at how happy these chubby kitties are…

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