Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Out, Here Are The 20 Most Ridiculous GTA GIFs

Grand Theft Auto V just came out and it looks amazing. I haven’t played Grand Theft Auto since Vice City, OK, I never actually played Grand Theft Auto . . . in the traditional sense. My brother would complete the missions and try to “beat” the game but I was just more interested in walking around, driving around, exploring the city and of course . . . brutally beating up random civilians. My favorite part was listening to the fake radio stations and sleeping with prostitutes to get my energy back up. I can’t comment on how violence in video games correlates to violence in real life but at the very least most people play games like GTA and don’t have that behavior translate into real life, so I suppose I am OK with this bizarre, fucked up urban fantasy as long as it is used responsibility. I mean, The Sims is a harmless game but who hasn’t purposefully starved their Sim just to see what happened? It’s not that people want to be violent thieves in real life so much as they are curious, right? At least that’s my excuse: curiosity.

Needless to say, if you’ve ever played GTA, you know a lot of weird shit can go down. I think these 20 GIFs accurately sum up how strange, violent and bizarre the game is.

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