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9 Unexpected Ways Boys Are Really…Girls


I have lived with a male roommate (platonically) for almost a year now. And boy-oh-boy has it taught me a lot about boys. Most things I already knew, that they are generally messy, that they would rather pay you to do dishes than do it themselves, and that they hate watching Four Weddings marathons.

What I wasn’t prepared for, however, is how much boys have in common with girls. After much discussion with my friends, I have come up with a list of 8 ways this is true.

1. Constant Bitching. How many times have I heard my male friends complain? About work, about girlfriends, about hook ups, about traffic, about being hungry. The answer is all the time. I find this one ironic because, as a lady, I often complain about things that upset me during the day — I have a lot of feelings! I know I’m not alone here. And why guys seem to complain about their lady friends doing this a lot, I’m telling you, they’re just as guilty.

2. Grooming. I really had no idea how much (some) men cared about great hair and skin products. My ex was obsessed with lotions, and I know my roommate prefers to use his girlfriend’s yummy smelling shampoos and body washes over his own. Not to mention, whenever you wait for a guy to get ready for a date, I’m always a little surprised at how much work goes into it. They don’t even wear make up!

3. Drunk Emotions. Boys get drunk and cry, too.

4. Not Feeling Good Enough. For the longest time I thought it was only women who suffered from insecurities. So very not true! Between counting calories, asking outfit opinions, being concerned about shoes, and working out incessantly, it’s a comfort to know that we women aren’t alone in the struggle of body image.

5. Binging on Trashy TV. While the trash TV may be different from what we ladies choose (wedding shows, Teen Mom, House Hunters, pick your poison) boys have their own version of trash TV. Sometimes it’s Pawn Stars, sometimes it’s Japanese comics. Either way, they have secret binge watch sessions, too!

6. Girly Pop Music Love. We aren’t the only ones who can get down to some Taylor Swift when alone in the car — trust me.

7. They Talk / Think About Marriage. Surprising, right? I have had many conversations with the men in my life about what they are looking for in a wife. Sure, it’s mostly hypothetical and really far in the future, but the thoughts are there.

8. Needy. We’ve all known those boys who text you repeatedly despite showing no interest. We’ve all known those boys who are pretty incapable of cooking their own meals. And I know we’ve definitely all known boys who won’t do laundry or chores until a lady makes them. It’s both a comfort and a confusing fact that keeps me up at night that even though guys complain about “needy chicks,” when the right woman or chore comes along, they’re the ones who wear this hat.

Feel free to add your own, or let me know if this list seems completely bonkers. Either way, I have loved seeing how similar we really are to boys… Even if they would disagree.

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