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Watch Jared Leto Sing Rihanna’s ‘Stay’


Jared Leto covered Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ at the Live Lounge and have to say, I am not a Jared Leto fan. I think he is pretentious, I think his music stinks and despite his cultural status as an ageless time lord, I don’t care for the man’s aesthetic. He fizzled out for me after My So-Called Life and Requiem For A Dream and I really can’t remember what else he did of not besides getting the shit kicked out of him by Edward Norton in Fight Club. Admittedly, I am excited to see his role as a transsexual with HIV/AIDS in the Dallas Buyer’s Club along side Matthew McConaughey. Besides that I am indifferent, if not annoyed by him. He just tries so hard to look artistic instead of just being an artist, kind of like Lady Gaga, but even I enjoy her more than Jared Leto. To each their own, I know.

So what is the point in this rant about how lame Jared Leto is? Well the build up tot his climax is that I really like this cover of Rihanna‘s ‘Stay.’  I very much enjoy this rendition and for a second I actually believed Jared Leto might be cool until I realized he was wearing sunglasses in an extremely, dimly lit room which is about as douche-y as it gets, so there. Still, I like the song.

I may think this guy is a jerk off but there’s one thing I can’t deny, he has a great, live singing voice and when he croons these Rihanna lyrics they sound richer, sadder and darker. Maybe I prefer this version because I find Rihanna’s voice nasally and grating, even though I very much like her as a person. I am all kinds of conflicted as you can see. I’ll never be a 30 Seconds To Mars fan but if Jared wants to cover other pop ballads like Britney Spears’ ‘Every Time,’ or Lady Gaga’s ‘Speechless,’ I would very much enjoy those things. He should just ditch 30 Seconds To Mars and start a Rihanna cover band, that’s one tour, I’d pay like $20 to see. That’s a lot of money for me, that’s like, almost 4 lattes.

Here is why I am excited to see Jared Leto in the Dallas Buyer’s Club

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