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Britney Spears Says Her First Kiss Was With Justin Timberlake…Do We Believe Her?


Remember when Britney Spears tried to convince us all she dated Justin Timberlake but never had sex with him? Granted we already know she’s not the smartest person in the world, but who the hell dates JT and stays a virgin? Obviously it wasn’t long until we all found of she did, of course, sleep with him and the whole squeaky clean image thing was a lie.

Recently, however, Britney may have told another tall tale. She’s went on Good Morning America and was asked who her first kiss was with. Her answer: Justin Timberlake. I want to believe her, duh, because not much is cuter than two mousketeers makin’ out backstage, but Britney taught us early on that things are rarely as perfect as they seem in her life.

Do you believe that her first kiss was with Justin Timberlake?

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    Heather is a senior at FIT majoring in Visual Presentation and Exhibit Design (try saying that five times fast...while you've got a martini in your hand). The best sext she ever sent read, "I'm trying to have a romantic moment and you keep talking about your boner." She hopes to write even better things here.