7 of the Best Cheap Fashion Sites You Don’t Know About

Who wants to walk across campus and see 10 girls wearing the same outfit as you? No one. That’s absolutely mortifying and I hope none of you go through that.

It’s always super awkward when you compliment someone on something they have on and they act all secretive about where they got it from. That’s fine, because I didn’t want to look like a carbon copy of you anyway! So here are a few fashion sites that take you away from the typical H&M and Forever21 sites that everyone tends to frequent.

Sole Society

Love your look to polished yet casual? Sole Society provides shoes and accessories to add as staples in your wardrobe. These pieces can easily give you a more refined look. The quality of the shoes and bags  look way more expensive the asking price.


SheInside is a great site with pieces that cater to a variety of styles. With college friendly prices, SheInside remains on trend while still allowing you to have money to buy groceries.

Spool 72

Spool 72 is perfect for the girl who loves tribal print mixed with a little bohemian flare. Expand your fall wardrobe with Spool’s selection of boots, which seem to come in just about any shade of brown you could want.


Misguided is a UK brand that is great for the basics. When they say “sweet deal,” it’s really a sweet deal. You can rack up on crop tops or basic tees. These are great pieces that you can dress up with other statement pieces you may already have in your closet. Here’s a head’s up: make sure you order way in advance. Since Misguided is in the UK it may take a while to receive if you don’t live in that area.


BooHoo has a large selection and could warm any online shopper’s heart. How many online boutiques do you know that have a variety of kimonos? Not many. This isn’t limited to ladies, there is also a section dedicated to menswear. Get your honey something special before the holiday rush.


Most popular with YouTube gurus, HaulerDeals is a one-stop-shop. You can shop for tees, accessories and makeup all at the same time!

Daily Look

Daily Look is all about “the look.” Aside from the obvious statement pieces, Daily Look is also accompanied with a look book just in case people are a little stylistically challenged. There are a few items that may hurt your pockets more than others, but sometimes you have to remember that quality is better than quantity!

[Lead image via argo74/Shutterstock]

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