What Your College Major Says About You…

Freshmen year I felt like someone was shoving me into a room, sticking a piece of paper in my face, and saying “Here, decide the rest of your life.”

Counselors and advisers told me it was fine to check the Undecided box. That many students were “undecided.” But, I’ve never been undecided. I’m Christina. I have an opinion about damn near everything. I have an opinion about opinions. I wasn’t about to check a box and announce to the world that the girl with all the answers was suddenly confused. To me, your major was your tag line. I mean, they put it on your name tag at orientation for God’s sake. I couldn’t introduce myself to people by saying “Hey I’m Christina and I’m also a wavering Wendy and don’t know what I want to do with the rest of my life. Want to be friends?”

So I put down biology knowing full well that blood makes me squeamish and the periodic table sends me into narcoleptic bouts. It took me two years, some failed chemistry classes, and a lot of phone calls home before I stopped letting my major and other people’s perception of it define who I was. Hooray for me.

But, no matter what major you choose people are still going to have their assumptions about you. Here’s what your major says to the world.

Biology: You are either very smart or super naive. You probably spend a lot of time indoors studying. You see things from a black and white perspective. There is a right and wrong answer to most things for you.

Textiles and Interiors: You are waiting to get wifed.

Business: Hopefully, you are a take charge type of person. Numbers make sense to you. People don’t want to mess with you because you will chew them up and spit them out in little marketable pieces.

Art: You are creative and have a passion for life (not that other majors don’t.) Passion is more important to you than money and your parents are probably constantly shaking their heads at you.

Journalism: You are the best kind of person out there (wink wink) I’m kidding, but you do have awesome major choosing skills. You find value in the truth and your voice being heard. You are probably somewhat creative and are good at getting the truth out of people.

Psychology: You want to go to Grad School. But, above all of that you are a good listener and genuinely care about those around you. We need more people like you.

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