Admit It, You’ve Probably Complained About Some Upper Middle Class Problems

Yesterday, my pumpkin spice latte was too hot and I burned my tongue. Then they were all out of red velvet cupcakes at my local bakery. And to top it all off, I couldn’t hear my television set over my chewing of my potato chips. Life is just so hard for a middle class white girl. Annoyed with me yet? You should be!

Let’s be real. We’re all pretty guilty of complaining about some hardcore upper middle class problems. We just can’t help ourselves. We love to complain because that’s just human nature and we’re never happy with anything, so if you’re upper middle class and have really nothing substantial to complain about, we must complain about super trivial things.

In this hilarious video, Buzzfeed has gathered some of the most ridiculous and trivial tweets of people complaining about the most ridiculous things ever. Tweets such as, “I put too much balsamic vinegar on my salad and now I’m dying” and “Really sick and tired of this place using too much orange zest in my brunch mimosa” are just a few of the many.

Check out the video below and enjoy!


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This GIF Is The Only GIF You’ll Ever Need To See
This GIF Is The Only GIF You’ll Ever Need To See
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