7 Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Season Ever

It’s the first day of fall! Are you excited? I’m excited! This means: pumpkin spiced everything, sweaters, riding boots, gorgeous fall leaves, Halloween, and everything else that is amazing! I went to the pumpkin patch yesterday and just wanted to cry tears of joy because summer was finally over.

I hate summer. I just do. It’s so gross and hot and you sweat everywhere you go and then your makeup runs and then you’re all moist the whole day and it’s just, ugh, terrible. Fall is perfect because it just is. It’s the happy medium between the ghastly heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter. Basically, I’m in love with fall and I’m not afraid to say it. Excuse me while I go take a selfie with my pumpkin spice latte.

It’s such an atheistically pleasing season that warms my heart. It’s absurd how amazing this season is.

If you’re still not convinced, head on over to The Frisky and read 7 more reasons why autumn is the best season ever!

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