7 Hilarious Emmy Acceptance Speeches That We Love

Award season has begun! And it’s time for the 2013 Emmys to make us all laugh tonight! I absolutely adore the Emmys because everyone is more laid back and cool about the whole thing. It’s not as stuffy as the Academy Awards or other boring award shows.

Everyone at those things is crying and fake-happy clapping and being all poised and stuff. That’s no fun. It’s way more fun to get a little drunk and laugh with your fellow television colleagues. Plus, TV is the best thing ever and who doesn’t love seeing Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and Bryan Cranston and Neil Patrick Harris give hilarious monologues and acceptance speeches?

I decided to do some digging and find some of the most hilarious acceptance speeches from past Emmy awards. From Steve Carell to Katherine Heigl, these are some of the funniest speeches in award show history, and we love ’em! Enjoy!

Steve Carell accepting for Ricky Gervais

Julia Louis Dreyfuss and Amy Poehler 

The Lonely Island Win for “Dick in a Box”

Kristen Chenoweth wins for Pushing Daisies 

Tina Fey wins for 30 Rock

Katherine Heigl wins for Grey’s Anatomy

Meryl Streep wins for Angels in America

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