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The “Breaking Bad” Series Finale Preview Is Here! [Video]


I’m somewhat new to the Breaking Bad phenomenon, having only started watching Season 1 last month. But guess what? I’m already caught up with the current episode in Season 5 because, duh, I’m addicted and mainlined this show like Jesse and Jane mainlined that black tar heroin.

Whether you’ve been a loyal viewer since Day One, or a binge watcher like me, everyone who’s currently caught up on Breaking Bad will appreciate this: the masterfully cut preview for next week’s final episode, titled “Felina”…

Now, as for what this cryptic episode title could mean, one YouTube commenter had a pretty genius idea.

The second half of Season 5 has been an emotional roller-coaster ride, and by that I mean it’s been just a straight drop into the fiery depths of hell for these characters. I got so comfortable and accustomed to seeing Walt win time and time again, that it’s unnerving to watch him caught up in a desperately doomed battle with himself, his family, the DEA and the neo-nazis.

And Jesse! Poor, poor Jesse. One hopeful, hard-earned step forward…100 excruciatingly heart-wrenching leaps back. The kid can’t win, and I really just want someone to put him out of his misery already. A dead Jesse is better than an alive Jesse who has nothing and no one to live for.

So what do we think is going to happen during next week’s finale? Will Walt come back to avenge Hank’s death by killing the neo-nazis? Will Skyler go to jail? Will they find Hank and Gomie’s bodies in the desert? Will Walt Jr. shout that something’s “bullshit!!!” again with such amazing passion!? One can only hope.

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