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Are You Managing Your Stress Effectively? [Infographic]


Stress is no laughing matter, and it’s certainly not some made-up affliction people use to bail out of Saturday night plans. 75-90% of all doctors visits are due to stress related complaints. If you think that stress starts and ends with headaches and sleepiness, think again. Healthguru put together a positively startling infographic on all the ways stress negatively impacts our health and well being.

Take a look at how stress could be trashing your immune system, then take some calculated steps to handle things before we get any further into this semester!

[Lead image via Lucky Business /Shutterstock, Infographic via Healthguru]

Heather is a senior at FIT majoring in Visual Presentation and Exhibit Design (try saying that five times fast...while you've got a martini in your hand). The best sext she ever sent read, "I'm trying to have a romantic moment and you keep talking about your boner." She hopes to write even better things here.