10 Pics Of Blue Ivy Carter Looking Adorably Pissed Off

Blue Ivy Carter is so adorable. She’s stiff competition for North West in the beautiful baby department. Look at the cute little baby with a Jay Z face and Beyonce‘s eyebrows. I’m not sure if the paparazzi intentionally try to snap pictures of Blue Ivy when she is looking cranky or if the flash photography makes the Jayonce spawn squint but damn it is adorable.

Look at her hair, it’s so free and unbeweavable. Look at that mane. Awww. The funniest part is that whenever I see Blue Ivy looking all grumpy, Jay Z’s song, “Jay Z BLue” from his latest album Magna Carta Holy Grail, about his anxiety of being a father plays in my head.

The chorus goes,”Apologies in order to Blue Ivy my daughter / If it was up to me, you would be with me / Sort of like daddy dearest.”

Also the beginning of his verse on”Holy Grail” starts with Jay Z saying, “Blue told me to remind you n!gg*s.” I sincerely doubt she said that but OK, Jay.

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