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5 Tips to Help You Get Out of that Social Rut


We all go through it, those dry spells in our social lives when we literally want to do nothing and go no where. I don’t know about you but I usually take it to the extreme, I won’t leave my house unless it is absolutely necessary when I’m in a rut. Those are the days where Netflix becomes my best friend, though I did finally begin watching Breaking Bad the last time I fell into my social rut, so it wasn’t a total loss of time.

Nevertheless, if you want to jump out of that rut I know a few tricks that can help you out.

1. Try something new! Nothing drags you into a rut faster than doing the same thing everyday, it becomes repetitive and ridiculously boring. So ask around for new things to do or do what I do and Google fun activities in a neighboring town. My school is ridiculously close to NYC so every time I fall into one of those ruts, I immediately grab a few friends and head to the city to try something new out.

2. Find a hobby. As simple as this may sound it’s actually a really good idea. When you have a hobby, like volunteering, writing or drawing, you always have something to do or somewhere to go so it becomes kind of difficult to fall into a rut. I like to volunteer because that way not only are you going out, but you’re meeting new people and more than likely you’ll meet someone new and there’s a new person to do fun things with right there!

3. Exercise! After a good workout you always feel great! Once you get a good workout in you’ll feel like you can conquer the world, you’ll want to go be active and not just sit in the house vegging out on the couch.

4. Strike up a conversation. When you’re in your rut you’ll probably still encounter some people whether it be the delivery guy, or the lady at the checkout counter, just say hi to them. It’s not as awkward as you think, it’s honestly just a way to get them to engage you in  a conversation because much like finding a hobby the interaction will probably make you want to go out and do something.

5. Make changes with yourself. A social rut maybe the perfect time for some self-reflection. Take the time you have alone and do some soul searching, maybe the reason you’re in the social rut in the first place is because you’re unhappy with something.

Those are five things I do to help myself out of a rut. What do you guys do? Any extra tips?

My name is Stephanie Jules and I am the most amazing person you will ever meet, mom told me so.