15 Body Positive Images To Get You Feeling Good This Morning

We all feel self conscious about our bodies one time or another. It’s hard not to when we’re bombarded with images of photoshopped, “perfect,” people who fit conventional beauty ideals in our magazines, on our televisions and on movie screens. It can be alienating and worst of all, distract us from the truth: that we’re supposed to love our bodies no matter what state they are in.

Bodies are meant to change. To gain weight. To lose weight. To survive sickness. To strive for health. To run. To sit. To eat. Bodies are fluid. Your body isn’t a fixed body, so when we fret and feel shame about our bodies, as I am and just about everyone is guilty of, it’s a pointless act. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t try to be your healthiest or that you shouldn’t indulge, what I mean is that we should stop fighting our bodies and stop trying to conquer them. We should let our bodies be and love them no matter what they look on whichever particular day.

Body positivity is important because it doesn’t define what a “real woman” is by her curves or waist size. It says we need to embrace ourselves and love our bodies whether we want to change them or not. It’s about acceptance not shaming skinny girls because you are a big girl or big girls because you are a skinny girl or anyone in between. Body positivity is about understanding that all bodies have aesthetic beauty, that bodies shouldn’t be objects for which we take out our frustrations and that conventional beauty standards are just one form of beauty not the definition of beauty.

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