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14 Places You Must NEVER Have Sex [Dude’s List]


There are great places to have sex (coming to a Dude’s List near you sooner than you think, dear readers) and then there are the places you should NEVER have sex. I’m talking never ever, forever ever. Some of these are the kind you should never even dream about having “relations” in or on or around. You can feel free to disagree with me but I’ll be happy to poke holes in your theories…that sounded a little naughtier than I meant it to. Regardless of the remarks, check out the list and see how many you can check off from your memory…

There you have ‘em. The places (real or imaginary) that you should NEVER have sex. Think you can top any of these? Care to argue the merits of some of these locations I’ve taken a metaphorical dump on? Bring it on!

“That’s not a moon…”

The Dude

[Lead image via Pavel L Photo and Video/Shutterstock]

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