Intergalactic Pizza Cat GIFs Are The Weirdest GIFs

I said it: Intergalactic Pizza Cats. Every now and again I stumble upon something beautiful on the internet like angora bunnies or Julius The Python but today I found something magnificent. Dare I say—holy?! I was looking up pizza gifs this morning . . . don’t judge . . . and instead my breath was taken away.

You guys, the internet is so weird and so amazing and if it were a blanket I would want to snuggle myself in it and have a cup of hot cocoa. Then I would make out with it. Small kisses on the neck first. Then we’d French for a bit. Who knows how far I’d be willing to go on the first date with Mr. Internet. I gave Mr. Tumblr my flower years ago and all he did was give me Britney GIFs.

CC cordially presents you with: intergalactic pizza cat GIFs. Who the F is making these? Like, seriously, I thought Picasso died mad long ago clearly someone is channeling his genius.

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