13 Movies That Never Got Sequels But Totally Should Have

So if you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you know that the classic 90’s comedy, Dumb and Dumber, is finally getting a sequel! Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels have reunited to reprise their roles as Harry and Lloyd in the Farrelly Brothers’ film! Carrey has been updating his WhoSay account with photos of the two actors in their D&D costumes, goofing around and going right back to their old ways of 20 years ago.

I, for one, am so excited to see these two back together! Dumb and Dumber is such a classic comedy, and it deserves a sequel! This got me thinking about all the other movies that were huge successes but never got the sequels they deserved! Now I know that a lot of people harp on sequels because they’re usually¬†pretty terrible but not always! If I had it my way, all my favorite movies would have sequels so that the story could continue and I would know what happened to my favorite characters!

From Mean Girls to The Breakfast Club, I’ve gathered thirteen films that never got proper sequels but totally should have! Check it out int the gallery below!

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