These are the Questions You Should Never Ask a Twenty-Something

Being a college grad and a twenty-something brings on a lot of questions from older folks. They are constantly asking us if we heard about so-in-so that got engaged last week. They want to know what our five year plan is. They want to know if we have health insurance and how much we pay for rent. And us twenty-somethings justĀ loveĀ to answer all these questions. Especially when we don’t know the freaking answers to any of them!

One of my favorite questions to answer is what I’m doing now that I’m graduated. Try explaining to a 50 year old that you blog for a living. They will look at you like you are an alien from Mars. “You got a degree in English? So are you going to teach? No? Well…then what?” UGH. Just let me live my life, people!

There are just some questions that we don’t want you to ask us because we don’t know the answers! Check out this video courtesy of Buzzfeed and listen to even more ridiculous inquires that twenty-somethings just love to answer.

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