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Don’t Worry, It’s Not Weird That You’ve Never Had a Serious Relationship


When it seems that all your friends are getting into and getting out of relationships, you may feel an little added pressure to join the trend. At this age, it’s pretty common for people to start dating around or maybe even getting into serious, monogamous relationships.

 I remember a time in my life when almost all of my friends were getting into relationships. I felt totally left out and kind of unwanted. It was a huge blow to my self esteem until I realized that being single wasn’t so bad. Yeah, being the third (and fifth and seventh!) wheel can be a huge drag, but when you’re single, all you have is yourself to worry about and answer to! And that’s pretty cool.

While many people do get into relationships as young adults, there are also a ton of people who don’t! It’s totally cool if you’re entering college without any past dating experience! You’re not a weirdo or a freak or a prude just because you’ve never settled down with a boyfriend or girlfriend. You’re just filling your time with other things that are important to you. If you still don’t believe me, head on over to and let Caitlin, their sex and relationship expert, fill you in!

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    Katie is a Web Content Publisher for Launch Digital Marketing. She graduated with a degree in English from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. She enjoys traveling, reality TV, and coffee--lots of coffee.