It’s TV Premiere Sunday! What Are We Most Excited For?

Every Sunday night, my boyfriend and I plop down on the couch for a few hours and watch tons of Sunday night TV. Now that The Newsroom and Dexter (and Breaking Bad! UGH!) are over, we’re wondering how to fill our Sunday night! We spend all week working our butts off so Sunday is our only night to just turn our brains off and delve into a silly TV show.

While we wait for American Horror Story and The Walking Dead to come back, we scoured our TV guides to find some new shows to check out this Sunday night! I am just a TV junkie looking for a little fix basically.

It’s almost October, so it seems like most fall TV had premiered already, but we’re in luck because there is still some left! From some brand new shows to the premiere of some old favorites, this Sunday night will prove to be a great night for television! Check out the gallery below and see what shows you should tune into!

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