25 Photos Of The Best Coffee Art

It’s Monday which ┬ámeans no one wants to go to work or class or anywhere especially now that it’s getting colder. I want to wrap myself in a blanky like a warm cinnamon bun and sleep until noon. Then wakeup at noon, have a cup of coffee and take a nap. Then wakeup at 3PM, watch the Breaking Bad finale, have a good cry and go back to sleep. However, duty calls and just like every weekend before this weekend, we must return to the grind no matter how superturnt you might have gotten on Saturday night.

This is why coffee exists: to make you feel less bad about resenting getting up in the morning no matter how much you like your job or school work. Coffee exists to make us happy during a cold morning by warming our bones, jolting us with artificial energy and making us addicted to it. #SoAddicted. This is why coffee art is the best kind of art, sorry Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol, your work is lame. Y’all might be able to capture the American zeitgeist in a single image but can you paint a picture of Hello Kitty or Psy into my latte? Maybe, IDK, if you can then dooooooooo it. Coffee art, you guys, it’s a thing.

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