7 Ways to Avoid Being “That Girl” When You Drink

We all know “that girl”. She’s the girl who is always causing a scene, making a spectacle of herself, and being all around obnoxious. Don’t get me wrong, we all have our moments where we act a little crazy and become the cliche drunk at the bar, but for it to be a weekly or even monthly occurrence is not acceptable.

I, for example, have one friend who is always trashed. Literally every situation you can imagine, she finds a reason to get wasted, at times its great to have a friend who will always want to have a good time, but when she decides to pregame before going to a street fair, gets wasted and ends up puking before getting on a ride, things aren’t that fun anymore.

So I have 7 tips for you on how to not be “that girl”.

1. Give yourself three strikes. I love the saying, “three strikes and you’re out”. I think it works for everything and for everyone. Give yourself three opportunities to really mess up. Get super drunk a few times and make a few mistakes. We all have those nights and they are forgivable if you learn from them. After three strikes in my opinion you become “that girl” because it becomes a habit, once it’s a habit you become a nuisance, and no one wants to be around the nuisance.

2. Pace yourself. I think the main step into becoming “that girl” is drinking. Ladies, always pace yourself! Drinking in excess always leads to a sloppy evening, whether it be sloppy in the sense that you puke everywhere, or sloppy like you hook up with someone you really shouldn’t. So take your time, and sip not gulp.

3. Hang out with people who have your back. This is super important! Make sure you go out with a group of friends that either won’t let you become “that girl” or at least they can help you out when you have reached the point of no return. Good girlfriends or guy friends are essential in maintaining composure because they always know how to make things a little easier. You don’t want to hang out with people who don’t have your back because that’s when you end up in front of your apartment, searching in your purse for your keys, lost and confused with no help… take it from me, its never fun.

4. Set limits. Before you go out tell yourself when you’re going to stop drinking, what time you’re going to leave and set your limits. Once your limits are set you’re more likely to pace yourself a little bit. Another thing, go through your contacts and anyone you are prone to drunk dialing, change their name to Don’t Call, or Don’t Answer, it may seem silly but your sober self will thank you the next morning when there are no apology calls to be made.

5. Relax. I think another huge cause of people going a little crazy is going out in a bad mood. Don’t drink while angry, it may seem like a good way to relieve stress but it really isn’t, go out and exercise or something instead. Drinking while angry will always lead to hostility and while it maybe funny to watch a drunk girl freak out at some innocent bystander, you never want to be that girl. So if you’re in a bad mood rethink the drink because more than likely things will go from bad to worse.

6. Stay awake and alert. Do not, I repeat, do not pass out! It is honestly the worst look ever. Not only does it show that you can’t handle your liquor, but you can’t handle yourself. So walk home before you are gonna knock out, because when you pass out not only do you look like a tool, but you probably have taken residence either in the bathroom or on the only couch at the party, and that kind of annoying.

7. Don’t be desperate. Finally, and what I think is most important, don’t get desperate for attention. You all know that girl, she’s the one that’s had a few too many drinks and she wants everyone to focus on her, and watch her trick, and listen to her rap some really cool song and everyone is just thinking, “Shut the hell up!”. So don’t be “that girl”.

There you have it, a few tips on how to not be that girl. Now if you find yourself slipping and being “that girl” for a night, forgive yourself, we all make mistakes. Just don’t let it happen again.

Any other tips you guys can think of? Let me know!

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