Seize the Season: Why Fall is the Best Season for Fitness [CC’s ShapeU]

Tired of your old workout routine? Looking to make big changes in your life? Ready to finally achieve your fitness goals? Well carpe tempore (seize the season – I know, so clever), because now’s your chance to flaunt a new and improved workout regimen for fall!

One of my favorite seasonal quotes has to be F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Excessively deep thinking and timely Gatsby reference aside, it speaks to more than just the change in season, but to the promise of a fresh start. And what better way to begin the fall season than with a new and improved fitness routine?  Here’s why fall is the best season for fitness, and why you should seize the season and make your fall workouts better than ever!

It’s Cooler, Which Makes Us Happier

Aside from sweating a little less during our fall workout, anyway you look at it, cooler weather just makes the job easier and more rewarding. In colder temperatures, we’re able to do more without the added stress and hindrance of the heat, so we feel more accomplished, but we’re also left feeling more energized after working out.

It’s All About the View

There’s something to be said about working out among the colorful leaves and sunshine! As I risk sounding like a hippy-nature-loving sentimental weirdo, just try it out! Pocahontas was in on the secret, and she was our idol for most of the late ’90s! Find a pretty trail to run on, or just take a jog through your neighborhood during late afternoon. The feeling of fall is contagious, and it will give you some time to get lost in music or thought – why not give Fitzgerald’s quote some consideration?

Slim Down While Bundling Up

Like a caterpillar before metamorphosis, so too do we build our cocoons – only ours come in the form of chunky cable knits and scarves. Still, bundling up leaves us with the advantage of having all of fall and winter at our disposal: to work extremely hard and kick butt, so when bikini season comes around, we are in tip-top shape and feeling more confident than ever!

We Beat Hibernation Mode

Most of us tend to go on hiatus during the cooler months – less time spent working out, more time spent on Netflix (oops). But this could be a dangerous combination to any fitness plan! Our bodies are naturally inclined to store more fat during the colder seasons so we stay warm, and that puts a huge damper in any weight-loss progress we’ve made! But don’t worry, working out during these times of fat storage can hault the process, or at least slow it down!

Colder Temperatures Make Our Bodies Work Harder

Training in the chill has been shown to burn fat faster, which is exactly what we want when considering the above incentives – see, it makes sense! Our body works harder to maintain a constant temperature, and thus it has to burn more calories! Not convinced? Check out this post from fitsugar! Please note that this doesn’t you should workout in your undergarments: what’s the point of flaunting your bod if half of it is purple, anyway?

Still looking for more? Here’s a post from ShapeU that goes into some more detail on the cold weather fitness front.

Ready to improve your fall workouts? Tune in next week for a fall fitness feature that will help you revamp your fitness routine, prepare you to kick some serious seasonal butt, and help you seize the season.

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