Reasons to Love Rebel Wilson, Even If “Super Fun Night” Sucks

Tomorrow Rebel Wilson has a new show premiering called “Super Fun Night” on ABC, I’ve seen the trailer and I’m not that impressed. I love Rebel Wilson, but the show looks like it’s trying far too hard to be funny, and it just falls short. Since I’m pretty sure it’s going to blow, I wanted to remind you all to be forgiving and remember how much we love Rebel. Here are a few reminders, enjoy!

1. She impersonated Honey Boo Boo while wearing a necklace that had the word Bitch bejeweled across it.

2. She brought sexy back.

3. She said this about becoming a woman, “You can choose real life, or you can choose gangster life.” No words have ever been more true.

4. She reminds us that we all can have a day off from working out, guilt free.

5. Then this happened…


So remember, no matter what happens with this show tomorrow, she is still hilarious. Rebel has a spot in my heart forever!

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