This Week’s “Big Girl” Lesson: Why You Shouldn’t Put a Comforter in the Washing Machine

One piece of advice blogosphere: do not put your comforter in the washing machine. Ever. Just use Febreze or something. Here’s the wet-and-wild adventure you’ll get if you do.

I was sitting in my room when I heard my roommate gasp. It was 5PM on a Thursday. No one should be doing any gasping at 5PM on a Thursday. That’s a time for napping, because it’s finally the w-e-e-k-e-n-d!

“Heather, what happened?”

No answer.

“Heather! What happened?!”

“Um… I can’t just explain it. You have to come see.”

This sounds promising.

I walk outside of my room to see a puddle the size of a 2nd grader taking over our rug. The water managed to come from behind the washing machine and past the bathroom door. Perfect. Apparently the water had even started to seep into Room A’s rug, we just couldn’t see it. But you could feel how nice and damp it was.

“What happened?!”

“I put my comforter into the washing machine. That couldn’t be it, could it?”

“Wouldn’t it have come out of the top if it was the comforter’s fault. Not the back?”

“I guess?”

Our guess was…extremely wrong. It was 100% the comforter’s fault.

We had to call the  maintenance team that our “luxury apartment” offers. Thank God for those guys. The nice man had to wet-vac the entire area and told us never to put a comforter back into the washing machine. “Didn’t they tell you that when you moved in?” No. No they did not. I was told about using small nails over Command Strips, but comforters were never mentioned, sir.

With a semi dry floor, it was time to tackle the comforter that was still waiting in a washing machine’s worth pool of semi-blue water. It was soaked.  There was probably a better way to deal with the problem, but instead of thinking it through, we just pulled it out and dragged it to the nearest tub (we have two bathrooms). More water got everywhere: floors, bodies, clothing, everywhere. It looked like we had taken a second shower.

We put it on a drying rack… which collapsed under the weight of the water filled comforter. For over two days it looked like there was a monster hiding in my shower; it was actually really creepy. We had to use the other bathroom’s shower until Saturday night (#FirstWorld problems, I know). The pro-con debate over putting it in the dryer lasted for at least a full day. We decided after it air dried for like a million years, it might just be safe.

Basically ladies, don’t put your comforter in the washing machine. Or else you’ll get soaked and die.

And since I’m a horrible friend and considerate blogger, I paused a lot of our action for pictures! Check out the scene.

Ariana Romero is a senior at Syracuse University. She’ll be sharing all of her apartment misadventures with you this year! Don’t worry, there will be numerous. Follow her on Twitter @_ArianaRomero where she mostly talks about Game of Thrones Robb Stark.

[Lead image via Diego Cervo /Shutterstock]

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