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Brace Yourself Ladies and Gents, Gwyneth Paltrow has Joined Instagram


So Gwyneth Paltrow has entered the world of Instagram…

This is just great, now along with her annoying comments, and pretentious ramblings we can look at pictures of her with her perfect husband, and perfect family. I’ll admit it, I’m a hater. She’s just got it too good. She’s like that girl in the movie who is popular and pretty but cries because no one knows how hard her life really is. Well guess what? I always hated those movies, cause they are lame and totally inaccurate!

There should be no reason she should ever have a negative thing to say about anything, she’s married to Chris Martin. I mean she gets to listen to Coldplay all day long, while looking at his beautiful face! What could be better than that!

Ugh, anyway over at The Frisky they’ve compiled a list of 33 pictures we can expect to see on Mrs. Paltrow’s instagram. I guessing, organic food, loads of Beyonce, riding around in vespa’s with the kids and of course a few selfies, probably in her $3,000 button down pajamas.

Check out the list and help yourself better prepare for the ridiculousness that will be this instagram.

Do I sound bitter? Cause I am.

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