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20 Things We’d Be Shocked to Learn About the Opposite Sex If Everyone Switched Genders


If guys became girls, and girls became guys…what do you think the opposite sex would be most surprised about? That’s what one Reddit user asked, and the answers have been all over the place. Obviously there’s a lot of talk about boobs and periods and boners, but there have honestly been a few points that have indeed shocked me a little.

And just think, if all the men in the world suddenly became women — complete with all the weird, gross and interesting stuff we deal with every day — what do you think would surprise them the most? Now imagine how many little secrets they harbor about being male that you’d have to face. Here’s the gender swap insight that went on:

Pman90 said:

The thought process of a man right after ejaculation

the_real_sarah said:

Vaginal leakage. every. damn. day.

Fatereads said:

One of the joys of singlehood is to fart with unabashed abandon. The trumpeting was so loud that my cat woke up and hid under the bed, so yeah, women equally enjoy flatulence.

grundlepuncher said:

I think women would be very suprised at how physically strong men are comparitively. A person has a sense of when someone is stronger than them, but its a different ballgame when youre on the other end. I think it might give folks a better understanding of how much restraint men show on a day to day basis. Both with regard to women and to other, weaker, men.

ITworksGuys said:


I don’t just mean the difference in genitalia, but in how we have sex.

My wife and I got talked about this when she wanted to know why I like blowjobs so much.

For guys sex is a fight with themselves. I don’t mean a violent/angry fight, just a fight against our urges.

For women, as I understand it, sex is kind of a surrender. They get into it and the more they physically/physiologically surrender to it, the better it gets. They don’t have to hold back and never have to worry about finishing to early.

For men, sex is restraint. There is a battle being waged between our desire to cum and the desire to please our partner. Men get to enjoy sex but they don’t get to surrender to it the same way because when they do it’s over. It varies from guy to guy but there is always the internal struggle of being intensely turned on and restraining yourself.

I have to take myself out of it a little bit. The surrender only comes at the end.

Add the expectations of performance along with that, men need to be “good” at sex, and it becomes a very intense exercise.

No woman has ever experienced premature ejaculation. If a woman has an orgasm 2 minutes into sex it is awesome, if a man does the same then there can definitely be feelings of shame and inadequacy.

It is a lot of pressure.

With a blowjob we get to just enjoy the experience. We don’t have the pressure to “hold on” or have to wait for our partner to finish first. It is one of the few times we get to be completely in the moment.

Ironically, all the restraint I am used to showing during sex can still manifest while receiving the blowjob and I have to work a little harder to “get into it” and finish.

Voltage_Joe said:

WHERE is this boner coming from!? There’s nothing REMOTELY AROUSING WITHIN A HUNDRED METERS.

caffeineme said:

The immense satisfaction of whipping it out and unleashing a massive MASSIVE piss onto a tree or bush WHILE STANDING UP.

Seriously…you’ve been drinking for a few hours on a nice fall day…you’ve waited and waited and it’s FINALLY time to break the seal. Your back teeth are starting to hurt. You find a tree…off to the side, away from the main action, unzip your pants, whip it out and just let ‘er rip.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…..oh MAN that feels good. You’re pissing, outside, take a moment to look around, appreciate nature. You’re a MAN, and the world is your urinal!

Rhask said:

Ladies, get used to no compliments. Ever. Even if you’re in good shape. On the upside, enjoy the lack of seedy wolf whistling

dezeiram said:

Yes. Oh my God. For any guy who’s curious;

It isn’t just a stream of regular blood. Oh no. Its clumps of fucking blood clots, and fleshy watery redness. And a tiny demon clawing at the inside of your abdomen. And rusty knives twisting in your ovaries.

And more, depending on the lady!

For a week.

Once a month.

Until you’re like 55.

HeroOfNothing said:

I don’t believe no man said this yet.

Multiple Orgasms… i mean… Seriously, I.WANT.THAT!

AthiestMcNugget said:

I know boners have been said, however, females would be very surprised about the sheer difficulty of urinating whilst possessing a massive erection. And don’t even get me started on the split pee streams!

Kalium said:

Women – now men – would discover that their worth as a person no longer was determined by their looks. Instead, they would discover that their worth is determined by a bizarre series of displays of wealth, power, and resources.

Women who wind up as tall or otherwise physically imposing men would discover that a shocking number of people react to that sheer size with immediate fear. Quite the opposite of being small and unthreatening.

pandastock said:

how if you don’t release for awhile, it will actually explode in your pants while sleeping.

zaurefirem said:

omg one of the side effects of the ring is more discharge than normal and some days there’s just so much it looks like I’ve pissed my pants and it is SO GROSS. Urk. And it even feels almost like I’m peeing my pants but it’s not, it’s just my vagina being annoyed at the ring inside it.

makeuplessclown said:

Aside from the obvious (boners, difficulty of shaving balls, etc.), I’d have to say the lack of attention. My girlfriend is attractive and cute, and random strangers will bring up anything to pass along a comment or talk to her (“I like your makeup”, “You have very pretty eyes!”, and the like). The most I can typically hope for is getting asked if I want my sneakers shined or if I want a copy of my receipt.

Steve_the_Stevedore said:

How few feelings you are allowed to show as a man. I’m not only talking about crying but feelings at all. you often can’t show you affection for someone openly because people will say that you are gay or they will say that you want to get into that girls pants.

As a result people care less about your feelings if you are a guy. I’d choose that over having periods anytime but i think it’s just something many women don’t seem to understand.

ahylianhero said:

How difficult it is for girls with big butts to pee without the pee dribbling backwards off their butt cheeks. Gotta pee real hard to get it where you want it to go some days.

rofLopolous said:

The saying “Men kick friendship around like a football but it doesnt seem to crack. Women treat it like glass and it goes to pieces” comes to mind.

Doctor-tadpole said:

Men would be surprised that if they were a woman that there is a level of personal safety that needs to be considered with so much of their lives. What you are wearing, where you go, who you are with are always at some level in your brain must be there. EDIT NOTE: I did not in any way say that woman are walking around as a victim or in fear. There is an awareness that women have – be real or ingrained by society. I dont know if men have this because i am not a man. The fact is that a man is physically bigger and can over power women is just a fact. AND also keep in mind that this is a WORLD issue response not american-centric. Please feel free to walk freely as a woman in the mideast, as many of my women friends try to do every day of their lives.

Ode1st said:

People would find out that it’s not as bad as the opposite gender made it seem.

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