Watch Rihanna’s Boring ‘Pour It Up’ Video About Water Twerking

Rihanna’s music is mostly boring to me or it may just be that I can’t stand her nasally voice. In my opinion if you’re music is going to be mediocre at least be fun to watch. Rihanna‘s music videos typically aren’t as fun as her life of blunt smoking, exposed nipples and twerking to Drake songs appears to be. In her latest music video clip for, “Pour It Up,” Rihanna coos the medium tempo track while voluptuous ladies twerk and splash in some water. I don’t know how anyone can watch this video to the end because Rihanna is basically just sitting in a chair and grabbing her coochie but if that’s your thing, here it is. I also don’t understand how you pour something up but whatever.


Here Is ‘Pour It Up’ GIF-ified

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