Girl Puts Weave On Things, Has The Greatest Tumblr Of All Time

My hair on things is, as 2 Chainz would call it, a hair weave killer Tumblr, as a wunderkind documents her weave put on things. A photo series? An art project? An epic trolling? Who cares, I like to see weaves on things.

I wonder who this mysterious lady is, how she came up with the idea, how old is she, is she Beyonce? ARE YOU BEYONCE? It appears the Tumblr was last active around three months ago, I beg thee to return. One of my dreams is to follow a weave on its adventures.

My mom had this idea for a novel where there is an evil penny and because it gets exchanged as it is currency, the penny winds up in the hands of various characters and destroys each of their lives. Each chapter would be about how the penny haunts one of the mixed bag characters. My mother is a genius, obviously. I’d like to remix that idea and say it is an evil weave that murders various pop stars by giving them the arrogance, power and greed needed to be famous—ultimately they destroy themselves. I am a genius, obviously.

Kim Kardashian Instagrammed a Photo of North West
Kim Kardashian Instagrammed a Photo of North West
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