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6 Halloween DIY Treats You Can Make Right in Your Dorm!


Halloween is about a little less than a month away and I don’t know about you, but I am too excited! It’s probably the best holiday for college kids, we get to all play dress up and eat tons and tons of guilt free candy. So for everyone planning a little get together this Halloween I’ve come up with a few treat you can make for you party guests!

1. Tombstone Pudding Cups- These are super easy to make and a great Halloween treat! They’re made for single servings so you don’t have to worry about serving people either!

Check out the recipe here!

2. Halloween Rice Krispies Treats- Who doesn’t love a Rice Krispies Treat! I personally wouldn’t make these on my own, I’d probably just buy a cookie cutter shaped like a ghost and use store bought Rice Krispies, but for those of you who enjoy making things from scratch, this is the recipe for you!

Here’s how you make ’em!

3. Halloween Cupcakes- I don’t care what you say a party isn’t a party without cupcakes! Everyone loves them, and these range from super cute to kind of creepy so take your pick, but I know for sure they are all going to be delicious!

Check them out here!

4. Glove Goody Bag- Not only is this easy, its kinda creepy too! Probably the easiest one the make, this is literally a hospital glove full of candy, but it get the Halloween treat job done!

Here’s a pic of the finished product!

5. Candied Apples- A fall staple and a Halloween must! Candied apples and super hard to eat but totally worth it! You might make a bunch for a party or just a few for your close friends, but no matter what you’ll definitely want these this Halloween!

Here’s a great recipe for candied apples!

6. Halloween Jello Shots- Now these are awesome! Halloween themed and sure to be a party hit, these jello shots are creepy looking and probably super tasty! Disclaimer: Don’t put any plastic spiders or anything in the jello shots its a choking hazard!

Check out this awesome recipe here!

These are sure to be great party treats! Let me know if you try any of them out! And share some of your recipes, the more the merrier!

[Lead image via Rockvilepikephotographs/Shutterstock]

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