Miley Cyrus Hosted SNL Last Night: The Good, The Bad, And The Just Plain Ugly

The highly anticipated Saturday Night Live with Miley Cyrus finally happened last night! And lucky for you, since my boyfriend and I are lame losers who never go out, we had the pleasure of sitting down and watching this episode. Frankly, I had mixed feelings throughout the entire show. Part of me was super excited about it because deep down, I root for Miley to get her shit together and succeed. I never have high hopes for the sketches SNL puts together anymore because let’s be real, the show hasn’t been amazing in years, but there are still some gems. (Stefon, anyone?)

The show got off to a late start due to college football, so right off the bat, things were just…off. Right when the monologue took off, I knew that things may get a bit hairy. There were so many ups and downs during this 90-minute episode that I couldn’t find a way to write about it in a good way or a bad way. There were good, bad, and just plain ugly things about the whole episode. I tried to break it down for you guys the best I could! Peace, love, and twerking.

The Really Good: 

1. Vanessa Bayer as Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy

I don’t know what it is about Bayer, but almost anything she does makes me crack up. Her reoccuring character, Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy got the most laughs from the audience that I heard the whole night. The sketch was real long, but so funny that I didn’t even care.

The Good: 

1. Miley’s Wrecking Ball Performance:

She sounded so good! Maybe I’m bias because I love that song, but she really hit it out of the park. It’s just a damn good pop song, and you could totally hear her emotion behind the song. She sounded raw and tired but something about it was just good. I dug it.

2. Cecily Strong on Weekend Update

It’s so nice to see a woman behind the desk again! Seth Meyers was fine and all, but I think that once Cecily gets in her groove, she’ll be really great as Seth’s counterpart. I’ve always liked it with two anchors anyway.

3. Mornin’ Miami Sketch

Such a simple, silly premise. It was great to see Miley playing a non-sexy character. Three anchors of a cheesy morning show are doing their weekly promos of the top stories. As they keep going, the stories just keep getting more and more ridiculous. And I kept on laughing. Bravo, SNL.

The Bad:

1. The overuse of twerking jokes

WE GET IT. I swear, if I hear someone joke/talk/breath about twerking, I will lose my mind. If I see someone twerk one more time, I might as well just move to an isolated island where no one has ever heard of the damn dance move that won’t go away! If spell check doesn’t recognize the word, then it’s not a real thing. No more twerking jokes, SNL!

2. The Cheerleader Alien Invasion Sketch

I don’t even have words. I sat there straight-faced throughout the whole thing because it was just bad. It had potential to be funny, but it just kept going downhill. No good.

3. The abruptness of the whole episode

Since the show got delayed for about 30 minutes, the whole show just seemed off and kind of rushed. Cyrus seemed a bit uninterested (except when she was performing). The show never got a flow going, and it’s a shame because Cyrus had the potential to be great.

The Ugly:

1. Miley’s outfits during her performances. I cannot, Miley. No more mesh, please.

You can watch the entire episode here!

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