Glee Star, Naya Rivera and rapper, Big Sean Got Engaged! Didn’t They Just Start Dating Though?

Love is in the air! Apparently Glee star and resident lesbian on the show, Naya Rivera got engaged to her boyfriend and rapper Big Sean over the weekend! Congrats you two! Rivera, 25, was seen sporting a gigantic diamond ring this weekend on the red carpet at an event for Latina magazine! The actress looked gorgeous strutting her stuff,  but obviously it was her hand accessory that really caught our attention!

But wait? Didn’t these two literally just start dating? Not that there is anything wrong with this, obviously. Some people meet and know they’re right for each other right away! I was just surprised by the news. Mainly because I didn’t know they were dating in the first place, but hey, good luck you two! We here at College Candy wish you the best! I just hope that this doesn’t deter Rivera from being basically the best character on Glee. Santana always has the best lines. Feisty and quippy, we love us some Santana Lopez.

In honor of her new engagement, we decided to find some of the best Santana moments for all of you! Who doesn’t like a good Glee .gif? Check them out in the gallery below!

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