American Apparel’s “Period Power” Shirt is… Interesting

Move over metallic disco pants and crop tops, because American Apparel has a new item that is causing a stir in the fashion world. Even if it may be for the wrong reasons.

American Apparel took artist Petra Collins “Period Power” from her collection of art entitled “The Arduous.”┬áThe shirt is as gross as it can get–the bush, the nails, the leak. If that’s your steez, the shirts are available in women and men’s sizes and are priced at $32.

Maybe it would be a cool way to let guys know when to back off? … I don’t know. I was just trying to find the positive in this. It’s already enough to be in distress for seven days, now you want me to broadcast it on my t-shirt. I’ll leave this trend to Lady Gaga or Miley.

Check out the shirt design at The Frisky.

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