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The Dyson Hard 2-in-1 SUCKS: Sucks Up Crumbs and Dorm Dirt, That Is


My freshman year, I lived in a dorm building that housed 1,500 freshmen. Thurston (shout out to GWU students!) was known for it’s lively atmosphere — read: we were a bunch of kids who really knew how to celebrate the weekend…even on a Tuesday night. My particular room was home to myself and four other girls. No, we weren’t a suite or even a multi-room apartment. This was one room with a little alcove, a walk-in closet, a bathroom and five young women who had entirely too many accessories. It was heaven, but damn was it dirty.

For starters, you couldn’t walk around barefoot without picking up crumbs from someone’s late-night drunk snack on the bottoms of your feet. From Oreos to Domino’s cheesy bread sticks — everyone was always eating something without a plate. And the hair — we were ladies who did not know how to sweep up after we blew our hair dry or straightened it in the morning. Every few weeks one of us would be inspired to wet a paper towel and halfheartedly go around picking up piles of miscellaneous dust and debris, but aside from that no cleaning really happened.

Flash forward to present day, and you could argue that I’m somewhat of a neat freak. I no longer get excited over Dollar Beer Night (okay, fine, I do), instead opting to spazz when I hear about fancy new cleaning products that will revolutionize the way I spend my Sunday afternoons. Perhaps that’s why when Dyson reached out regarding their new Dyson Hard 2-in-1 I thought to myself, “Dang, we really could have used one of these back in Thurston.”

So what just is the Dyson Hard 2-in-1 and why do I firmly believe all college students need one? Imagine a Swiffer, if you will. Now imagine Iron Man and Swiffer having a baby — that is the Dyson Hard 2-in-1. It’s got a wet pad, a la Swiffer Wet Jet, that tackles dust and hair, but then both above and below the pad are blue vacuum rails to combine powerful suction with a wet wipe to remove dust and grime in one action. Additionally, the handle is detachable and can be replaced with two different nozzles for cleaning between couch cushions and hard to reach spots (ie: behind your bed).

We got to test out the Dyson Hard 2-in-1 here in the CollegeCandy office, and the Dyson team sent us some colorful Fruity Pebbles to recklessly throw on the floor as some test debris. And you better believe we threw those suckers around like confetti!

So, moment of truth, did the Dyson Hard 2-in-1 suck up the Fruity Pebbles as promised? Absolutely! Not only were our floors void of all dust and hair, larger debris like the cereal were sucked up by the digital motor into the clear vacuum canister located near the handle of the 2-in-1.

Ringing in at $329.99, the Dyson Hard 2-in-1 is definitely an investment for someone on a college budget. With Christmas coming up, however, it truly is a lifesaver if you’re living in a dorm with hardwood, linoleum or tile floors.