Cosmic Candy: October 7 – 13

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries and Aries Rising- Contending with the poison that lies in our psyche is obviously terrifying, but ultimately necessary. This process is taking place for you whether you are ready or not, so why not do a little prep work by means of acceptance. This process is an extraction by means of solidifying what is usually shadowy, and illusive material becomes condensed into something you can grapple with. We have to get to know the toxic waste that we are carrying in order to address it; we aren’t all good, all light or all alright. We all carry around a certain amount of shame and regret by means of twisted interpretations of who we are that we must at the very least address internally during the course of our life, otherwise we push it down so deep it ends up manifesting in our outer world. All we have to do is look at the state of the world to see what happens when we don’t own the parts of ourselves that we don’t know how to face. Greed has consumed so much life, destroyed so much trust and devoured many a relationship and seems to be one of our greatest obstacles to freedom. In a recent edition of The Moth, author Tina McElroy Ansa quoted a drag queen from her childhood who told her “I have fattened my last frog for the snake.” This sentiment rings true for you on many levels; your sacrifice right now needs to be for the betterment of your life, not another’s. There is meaning in the struggle and though we may be as an absurd a hero as Sisyphus, that rock belongs to no one but it and us’s not going to reach the top of that hill by itself.

Taurus and Taurus Rising- Relationships are your greatest reality checks right now. There are more than a few signifiers that lead me to believe that you will either unconsciously construct the perfect storm or will be caught in one. Presently the perfect storm for you would be something involving your deepest fears about relationship possibilities or the current state of your relational reality. The good news is that once you know this you can be your own climatologist, studying the weather patterns of both your internal environment and also making room for the climate of another. Be extra aware to over attachment the forecasts themselves, i.e.: try to control the outcome less and notice how much of an influence you have on the situation when you let go. When what we fear, namely our Kryptonite, manifests in front of us our survival instincts kick in and we tend to only see our past hurts in present form. Do not underestimate the power of the pause for the next month. You don’t need to stir the pot, push your luck or impose your will, you simply need to cultivate some of your greatest gifts: stillness, patience and calm.

Gemini and Gemini Rising- It looks to me, and probably feels to you, like there are more than a couple of things happening in your life that are just out of sight. It could be a mysterious health issue or work situation or something impeding your daily rhythms in some way. If there is something frustrating your flow I suggest that you not fuss with it too much, try not to figure it out too intently or focus on the problem with all of your attention- “It” is going to do what it’s going to do and you mucking around isn’t going to help anything. Instead respond by getting a little more serious with your regimes, a little more strict with your routines and a little more disciplined about doing what you know you need to do everyday. Your planet, mercury, is about to go retrograde which marks an I need to let it go period. Resentments fester and produce problematic interruptions in your daily life, give every glitch more mindfulness and every problem more solution.

Cancer and Cancer Rising- While your definition of family increases and expands to include the various factions of all of the personal components of your life, I want you to routinely stop and tell yourself how freakin lucky you are. Everything that you consciously create right now has a way of defining yourself to yourself but I want you to keep space open for future interpretations of how you want to participate in your life. The truth is that we are all immensely creative beings, so powerful in everything we partake in, so be very aware of what you choose to take part in creating. I want you to actively seek out the company of those who are doing this-not so that you can do what they are doing but so that you can be inspired to create with the kind of freedom that they do. It takes a boatload of courage to claim our space in the world and it takes an even greater amount of confidence to take the kind of action required to make this manifest. The good news is that you can borrow the idea of confidence from anyone around you that has it and simply pretend that it’s something easy for you to walk with. Nothing in nature asks permission to grow into its potential, why should you be any different?

Leo and Leo Rising- Issues about your past and your relationship to one or more of your parents are a central point of growth for you in the next month. There may be ways in which you can reflect on how much you have changed, how they have changed or how your relationship has or has not come to a place of reconciliation. There is no battleground like the one of our childhood as it points to the deepest scar tissue we have and when scar tissue is left untreated it only becomes a vortex of knotted fiber pulling all other surrounding healthy tissue into its den of doom. Thankfully there is a way to break it up, but it takes a consistent and deeply penetrating massage, the problem only intensifies when left untreated. A general rule of medicinal healing is that a little poison can be an effective treatment while too much can be lethal. Most of us don’t cure every trauma in an instant, most of us wouldn’t get the kind of healing we need if we did, but most of us could also speed up the process a tad by applying ourselves to the task. You are in for a month of applying your skills as an honorary holistic herbalist-treat the pain but don’t overdose.

Virgo and Virgo Rising- Welcome the thoughts that are destructive, disastrous and poisonous as a stockbroker welcomes insider trading tips. Consider yourself lucky to have the information about what isn’t working so that you can put your money on the winning bet. The next month is going to give you ample opportunity to get to know the properties of your mind in very intense ways. Your siblings may help to locate some of these infested wounds, as they were the folks who helped you form your mind in your most formative years. I would pay special attention to the contracts that you agreed to long ago with them, as they are ready for a revision. Be extra thoughtful with your words and your communications with others, it really is best to say nothing instead of saying something that will only cause some potential wounding between you and another. You are entering a time of extra sensitive introversion so while I want you to be thoughtful, mindful and patient I don’t want you to turn the lethally sharp side of the sword of discerning in on yourself. I want you to learn what can lie beyond elimination-namely integration.

Libra and Libra Rising- My best advice for you this week is to be in complete integrity with how you make money, which is not to say only make money at the things that you want to do, and for the love of Creation don’t get down on yourself if you are making money at something that isn’t your ultimate career. What I mean is get crystal clear on why you do what you do and make sure every fiber of your being is OK with your reasons for doing it. No one can tell you if this is so, no societal standard can dictate this for you (within reason) and this has little to do with what your family deems appropriate. Only you can know why you do what you do and if it’s OK for you to do it. We are moving into an astrological time that makes our feelings and thoughts manifest, so if we are fooling ourselves about why we are doing what we are doing (no matter how noble it appears) it’s going to start to show in our outside reality. Be honest, because in the end it’s never really about the money, the money just becomes the symbol for the way we deal with life and points directly to how we maintain or sell our integrity.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising- Not to negate, gloss over or bypass any of the many intersecting realities that you are or do occupy at this or anytime, but this week is one where you can set your mind to the task at hand in ways that will either help you or hinder you. Of course this is always true but there is something about the patterns that you are concretely setting right now that have extra staying power. Not only do they have extra staying power but also the issues that are arising at this moment will resurface throughout the next month in some pretty fascinating ways. If you did nothing else this week I would suggest that you do this: go on a complaining diet. Refuse to verbally and if possibly mentally, complain about anything. I know that it’s not easy, but it is simple and it’s beyond powerful. If you leak your power by framing yourself as the victim your outer reality will follow suit. Refuse to let your situation frame who you are, your internal dialogue is far more powerful than anything that anyone can say to you or about you. Only speak the words that you want to live.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising- The next month couldn’t be a better time for you to take a good long look at how you can get a little shady. Shade is not really your forte by design; most of you (though not all) tend to lean toward the more bubbly even if your internal reality isn’t. The point is that we all have less than noble ambitions with motives that lack in integrity; it’s called being human. However these next few weeks are a time where you can buy-off some of the gatekeepers to your psyche and do some deeper digging. Yes, I do mean up your visits to your therapists, healers, coaches, witches and gurus of all kinds if they refuse to let you get away with your old tricks. The only point of routing out misguided beliefs is to literally lay down a new sound track. What unconscious beliefs are keeping you in a holding pattern that you are willing to extricate yourself from. This may not come together in its entirety this week but the rest of the month is here to help you get down into the coal-mine of your psyche and shine a light on the gremlins that pull your strings most of the time.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising- While your sign is usually dogged by the reputation of being a status-seeking capitalist, what’s really more to the point is that under the surface is a desire to be worthy of the recognition you receive. Greatness isn’t achieved in slothdom and this is no time to shirk your responsibilities to your community or your dreams. I couldn’t care less (and neither should you) if your destiny is to be the most famous blah-dee-blah in your field, or the least. What I do care about (and hope you do too) is that you are showing up in your community in a way that makes your proud of who you are becoming. I know how hard you can be on yourself so the last thing I want to do is fuel that fire, but I also know that if you don’t use this time to follow through on your commitments to others or to your dreams, this season will be anything but rewarding. If you are the kind of goat who is fueled by the idea of (not really the achievement of) rewards than use this metaphor. If goal achievement isn’t your thing than find what is and bribe yourself with that. You are only up against your worst enemy here, yourself. However you know your tricks better than anyone else so don’t be shocked if you end up getting fooled. We all have a tribe and therefore we all have a responsibility to being who we say we will be within that group of people, so be it. Easy as that.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising- Not to be overly dramatic or anything but there may never be a better time for you to suit up, show up and live up to your potential. This isn’t without some struggle on your part perhaps and it may be impossible to navigate around potentially painful growth opportunities-but what’s a little discomfort in the midst of a graduation? You aren’t at the cap and gown ceremony yet, not for another year or so (just one of many, though) but this month holds some very interesting twists and turns as far as your fate wants to unravel. Yes I said it-fate, fate, fate, fate, fate! Terrifying for our little ego’s to admit that we may not be in control of the entire thing, but we are in control of how we handle this beast called life that we are doomed to wrestle with. May as well make it interesting and throw our entire beings into the ring by committing to our lives and what we do with them every day. We are entering some very wild astrological weather and it isn’t going to let up until the late spring, so we either learn to roll with it or get steam rolled by it. If I were you I would pay every bit of attention to the signs that abound around you as to what steps you need to take in your professional pursuits and by signs I mean the outer manifestations of your inner yearnings.

Pisces and Pisces Rising- What you see manifesting around you is what you prioritize as meaningful, which may be a terrifying reality check or a confirmation of how on track you are. Only you have the ability to tap into what that could be and only you have the authority to keep your attention on the things that most move you. The older I get, the more clients I see, the more I listen to my friends and watch my personality unfold the more I see that the seed of potential that each one of us is born with is so unique to our particular Karmic DNA that we cannot do anything outside of that design and be successful on all levels. Sure, we can make money, we can accomplish, we can receive accolades and we can climb any number of mountains but none of that means that we will be happy if we are living outside of what holds meaning for us personally. This has nothing to do with rigid logic, nothing to do with universally applicable plans and nothing to do with anyone’s map but our own. It may be difficult in the face of financial insecurity to put your mental faculties towards focusing on what holds true for you but I want to remind you that the kind of creative goodies that are being cooked in you right now have just the right amount of magic to pull off the unimaginable: A Life Of Meaning.

For more information please visit Chani’s personal blog, UntilTheStarsFallFromTheSky, or for personal astrology readings please contact Chani directly at chani [at]

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