Justin Bieber’s ‘Heartbreaker’ Rips Off Kanye’s ‘808s & Heartbreak’?

Justin Bieber’s new track “Heartbreaker,” has dropped and you guys, our favorite young, budding douchebag has created a song that does not suck. I’ll be the first to admit that Justin Bieber‘s music generally doesn’t suck. Like, he does annoying things IRL but his music is generally listenable once you get passed his swooshy hair pop phase. Like, if I heard a Justin Bieber song at a party, I’d be all, “Ew, Justin Bieber,” then I’d quietly twerk in the corner because it’s not that bad. Some popular music really grates on my nerves, if I hear a Ke$ha song one too many times I want to punch myself in the face and Katy Perry really does not appeal to me (though I know I am in the minority on that one) but I can groove to some Justin Bieber and not feel weird about it. (I feel very weird about it.)

Vulture did however notice that the single art for “Heartbreaker,” looks a lot like the album art for Kanye West‘s infamously sad core, 808s & Heartbreak. If you rememberĀ 808sĀ was Kanye’s departure from rap bravado to a sad man with many, many emotions. It was also his foray into R&B and new wave. For Justin B. “Heartbreaker” is a more solidified step into R&B, whereas previously he was skirting the lines between pop and ’90s R&B he has full throttled himself into the latter and the result is not half bad. Perhaps he isn’t copying (he is totally copying art wise) but paying homage to Kanye and similarly asserting that he is transitioning into something more than what is expected?

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