Our Favorite College Blogs and Bloggers of 2013

The same way I hope you all love reading CollegeCandy, I have my favorite blogs as well. Of course CollegeCandy is at the top of my list but I have a few others that are pretty great too. From seeking advice in education, fashion, and relationships, all of these blogs are great from anyone of the college age.

Check them out and let me know what you think!

College Cures: From tips to hiding booze in your dorm, to finding the perfect outfit for the first day of class, this blog has it all. It’s funny, witty and extremely convenient! I suggest you check it out!

Every College Girl: Recently they posted an article entitled, “Brace Yourself… It’s Cuffing Season”. Now if that doesn’t make you want to read on, I don’t know what will. I say definitely check them out.

Her Campus: Practical, funny, and helpful! This site has articles that can help you find a job, and others to help you land your guy. Check it out for a good read.

College Crush: This site is all about dating in college. The types of guys you’ll date, the type of dater you are and a few tips to help you navigate through your love life. We’re in college, we need all the help we can when it comes to matters of the heart.

Surviving College Life: This site is great for helping you navigate through college life. It helps with little weekend trip ideas, grocery shopping lists, and all the other essentials you may need to get through a college semester!

Passive Aggressive Notes: This blog is hilarious! If you’ve ever received a passive aggressive note from a roommate or a teacher this will give you a laugh!

LSAT Blog: I plan on going to law school in the future, so this blog is a god send! They gives you tips and tools on when, how, and where to apply.

College Info Geek: This blog teaches you how to be awesome at college. You get tips and tools on studying, and they try and help ensure that you get the most out of your 4 years educationally and socially!

These blogs are my favorites! Let me know what you think, and which ones you like, I’d love to add some more sites to my list of faves!

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