Creator of “Hannah Montana” Reveals How Hannah Dies…WTF

This weekend Miley Cyrus hosted SNL and I think it was awesome! She was funny, cute and touched on everything that’s been circulating about her in the media. And aside from that, her performances were AMAZING! The past few times I’ve seen Miley perform live, it wasn’t the Miley I was used to hearing and it was great to hear her stellar voice again.

During her hosting gig at SNL, Miley said that Hannah Montana had been murdered. It was kinda creepy when she said it, then things got creepier when the creator of Hannah Montana, Richard Correll, said he hoped Hannah died in this very specific way…

Is it me or is it really strange that people are talking about the death of a fictional 14 year old Disney channel character?

Check TMZ to see just how Correll wasnts Miley dead!

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