7 Steps to a Total Body Workout From Fitness Pro Michele Gordon [CC’s ShapeU]

While in the midst of the best time of year for working out and starting fresh, make fall your most fit and successful season yet! Try this awesome total-body workout from expert Michele Gordon – aka  Miss Motivational – and see how you can revamp your fitness routine for fall!

After a long summer of the same old same, fall brings with it welcome changes: cooler weather, a transition to sweaters and boots, a new line-up of our favorite prime-time TV shows and, for those more athletically inclined, a new season of sports. Because we’re so not in it for the tailgating/pretending we know what we’re talking about to impress the hottie nextdoor, right? But regardless of the change we favor most in all these new developments of fall, why not let change carry over into our fitness? It’s time we take our workouts to the next level!

There’s no better time than the change in season to revitalize our fitness fervor and renew our old routine. A change like this is precisely the motivation we need to keep up with our progress and goals through the colder weather. And what better way to find motivation to change than by taking some advice from Miss Motivational herself, fitness guru Michele Gordon.

Not only is Michele Gordon an amazing fitness enthusiast, she’s also got some serious credentials under her belt! As a motivational speaker, blogger, and top group exercise instructor/personal trainer (damn girl, do you ever sleep?), Michele has been a trending fitness instructor of the week on New York’s Rate Your Burn instructor review website, serves as the fitness expert for several NYC-based companies, and some pretty big multi-national ones, like Reebok and LARABAR (yeah, no biggie). Did I mention she’s only 24? As a fresh face to the fitness world, she knows a thing or two about staying fit during those tricky college years – a girl after our own hearts – and is even working on her first book on the Fit Life through College. Let’s see what she’s got!

Her total-body routine will kick-start your fall workouts and give you the push you need to get sweaty, get motivated, and seize the season! It’s got both cardio and toning moves to give you an overall workout that strengthens, burns calories, and revitalizes your energy! All you need is a space to move and two light dumbbells or filled up water bottles.

Check it out here:

When it comes to keeping things interesting and renewing our fitness regimen, Michele has seven key pieces of advice:

1. Don’t Fear Change Change is what makes us stronger! Switch up how you workout, where you workout, and what your workout is. Some people hit up the outdoors in the summer months for a good sweat, but I personally love to go outside in the Fall. To me, the weather IS perfect: not too hot, not too cold. Fall is the season that I run…a lot more.  I look forward to getting some fresh air! Why not try to go outside if you haven’t done so already?  Do you normally go to the track and go up and down bleachers?  Why not go to a different field or take a different route around campus?  Our bodies get used to the same ol’ thing after a while.  A new route will challenge you physically and mentally.  Plus, you may meet a new guy to run with you along the way! SCORE!

2. Always Look for Something New To help switch up what your workouts are, go check out a local fitness event or stalk your favorite trainer’s blog.  You may learn a new move to incorporate into your daily routine that will really help you to take your fitness to the next level!

3. Learn to Love Intervals It is an effective type of training.  If you’re short on time, breaking things out into timed intervals can help train multiple muscle groups at once and leave you feeling and looking great FASTER.  So take a look at the workout I provided.  In two to three weeks, switch up the interval order or change up the workouts, but keep the times the same.  Variety is the spice of life!  Have fun with it.

4. Try Group Ex Take a look at your gym’s group exercise schedule.  Switch up which class you go to or even the format.  Remember change makes us stronger?  Shock your body into strength!

5. Find Your Fall Workout Friend Ask a new friend to be your workout buddy.  Or add a new one into your week!  Friends can make a huge difference in how often you go and how hard your workout.

6. Adopt a New Mantra The Fall Season is all about “renew”.  Renew your motivational mantra!  Before you workout, tell yourself “YES I CAN”.  Be creative and come up with new phrases for the new season.

7. Get A Trainer’s Help Sign up for one training session.  Having someone watch your form can leave you sore – in a good way!  Good form gets you stronger, so make sure that your routine is RIGHT.

For more from Michele, aka Miss Motivational, read her blog, check out her classes, or book her for your next event by visiting www.missmotivational.com.  She also loves answering questions, and connecting with people, and is available by email on her site.

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