20 Pics Of Rihanna Loving Denim [So Much She Made A Thong Out Of It]

Rihanna loves denim so much that in her latest snore of a music video, “Pour It Up,” about water twerking and strippers, she wore a denim thong. In recent years I’ve noticed that denim has made a resounding comeback, I’m talking, full force Canadian tuxedos. But I must pose the question: Is Rihanna wearing denim because it has made a comeback or is denim making a comeback because Rihanna cannot stop wearing it?

Fashion has come a long way since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore those infamously tacky matching outfits. Rihanna has successfully managed to pull off everything from denim overalls, denim dresses, denim crop tops to vests and Canadian tuxedos. Get your denim inspiration on but please stray away from thongs, they just look so damn uncomfortable.

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