Are Video Selfies Set To Drake Music The New D Pic? #StarbucksDrakeHands

Come, let us go on a beautiful journey together—a beautiful journey called “StarbucksDrakeHands.” It all started when LA Model Piper Kennedy reluctantly gave her phone number to a persistent barista  named Brody who then sent her a bizarre video selfie of himself staring sheepishly into the camera as Drake‘s song, “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” plays.

The lyrics, “I got my eyes on you,” echo ominously in the foreground.

Brody does not speak a word but he does wave his hand gracefully as to suggests, “Yes, it’s you I want, bb girl.” Kennedy’s friend DJ Ben Roc posted the video to instagram. The video went viral sparking the StarbucksDrakeHands meme, Gawker covered the story and thus, I bring it to you. This beautifulness. This reason I love America.

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