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A Little Person from Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance Speaks Out on Reddit AMA


Once again we have been transported into the land of Miley Cyrus. The topic of discussion today is her VMA performance, and what one little person has to say about being on that stage. I’m sure by now we have all seen the horrendous clips from Mileys’ VMA performance. I’ve said it once and I will say it again, I thought it was the worst performance she has ever done, because it was too much twerking and not enough singing, but I understood why she did it, and it worked out well for her.

So on her blog, a little person named Hollis revealed she was one of the bears on the VMA stage and described the experience of performing with Miley. She tells the story of how she wanted to be an actress her entire life, and the opportunity to be on the VMA’s was amazing, then it all goes down hill from there. She says, “I will never forget that performance because it is what forced me to draw my personal line in the sand. After our first dress rehearsal in the costumes with the crew, publicists, performers etc watching us, I walked out of the Barclays Center shaking and crying.” She then goes to explain how her friends who had been visiting NYC helped her through the break down, and she went on to perform. A few weeks later she was asked to join Miley on tour and turned down the offer because she recalled all of her feelings from the VMA performance.

Here is my take on the entire situation, I understand where she is coming from, but I can’t help but feel that she is a bit of an opportunist. We’ve all seen the uproar in the media about Miley lately, and we all know that every newspaper and news channel in the world will jump on this story because it throws some more drama in the huge Miley debate, and I’m sure this actress and her publicist have noticed it too. Here’s why I find this unreal, if you were brought to tears by something someone had you doing, if it really made you feel degraded and disgusting, that is only after a rehearsal, would you then go to the actual performance and do it all over again? I think not. If she was really as disturbed by it all, why didn’t she say something, or walk away? I just find it strange that someone would do something they find so demeaning, and not have anything to say about it until a month later.

Now that is just my opinion, I’m not saying I’m right, that’s just how I see it. Something truly disturbing though, were some of the comments Reddit users made when Hollis took to Reddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything). People are making fun of the actress’ height and how she felt. I would understand if they didn’t agree with what she was saying, just how I don’t agree, but to attack her for a disability, and to call her names is going too far. It’s just another case of a bully behind a keyboard, more than likely they are 40 year old men living with their mothers and still unemployed so who cares what they say anyway.

One comment that did catch my eye though:

“I really don’t understand this. Can you expand? I may be missing something from the performance but you were dancing in a costume for a short time with several others. I don’t understand why you think you were there to be gawked at or laughed at. You were simply a dancing teddy and not there as the main attraction, but rather a compliment to the main attraction. Until you brought up, i hadn’t even noticed that the costumed teddies were even little people. Nothing was done to draw our attention from the main show or gawk at you…”

I’m being totally honest when I say this, but I didn’t even see the little people in the performance, there was too much twerking and grinding going on for me to pay attention to anyone else. But with the way Miley was dressed, and the way everyone else on that stage was acting, I don’t know why this young woman would feel like people were laughing or gawking at her, because I personally didn’t even notice her, Miley had my complete attention.

I in no way think that this actresses feelings are unwarranted, I know I for sure would not have been able to do anything on that stage, I just feel that if it were true, something would have been said sooner, or she would have stepped out of the performance. I can’t wait to see if this catches on, and what sort of discussion it will lead to.

I’m not sure what to make of this all but my gut is calling bullshit. It suck to be a cynic, but it’s the way I am.

Think this is the real deal or just someone trying to get some attention? Leave your comments below!

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