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Which Are The 5 Colleges You’re Most Likely To Get Wifed At?


Facebook conducted a survey and found that 28% of users (straight couples only) had found their spouses in college. This comes as no shock, if you were “lucky” enough to meet your forever-boo by 25, chances are you probably met them at the time of the life where you were surrounded by the most Ps (penises) and Vs (vaginas) in your age group.

So which were the schools where you are most likely to get wifed up by a dude or for some dude to wife some biddy up? The results were sort of rando.

Women met their spouses at:

1.) Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

2.) Michigan Technological University

3.) The U.S. Air Force Academy.

4.) Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary

5.) Brigham Young University

Men met their spouses at:

According to the Facebook study, “We note that a majority of colleges in the top 25 have a religious affiliation. We also see that while the majority have an even proportion of men and women, 9 of the top 25 colleges have more men than women, with the top college (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology) having men make up 88% of the student population (the publicly reported ratio is 80/20). Among the top 25, we see a striking 50% to70% of women having a spouse who attended the same college.”

So, if you’re religious or attend a religious university and are surrounded by penises your chances of getting wifed increase by a lot.

1.) Faith Baptist Bible College and  Theological Seminary

2.) Harding University

3.) Martin Luther College.

4.) Bob Jones University

5.) Brigham Young University