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Paris Hilton’s Video “Good Time” Proves She Is Least Talented Human Being


Paris Hilton’s ‘Good Time’ music video just doesn’t have it. What does it take to have “it” or as Simon Cowell would call it, “The X-Factor”? I don’t know but I remember thinking Britney Spears had “it” when I first saw her perform “Slave 4 U.” It’s not because Britney is the best singer or the best dancer it’s because, at the time, she was a magnetic performer. She could pull you into her performance, she could make you listen, even if what she was saying wasn’t all that deep. Kanye West has it, he’s not the best rapper lyrically or in flow, but when he speaks people listen whether that is to applaud or condemn the things he says, they listen. Miley has it, she was an international phenomenon as a teenager, and today her album is going to debut at #1 regardless of how many people hate her she has the Youtube video views and buzz around her to prove that there is something there. Madonna had it. Michael Jackson had it. 

There are just some people who aren’t technically the best musicians, dancers or performers but who are just captivating. So when I diss Paris Hilton for not being able to sing or not being able to dance or not being able to draw my attention toward her when she utterly fails at being “sexy,” I am well aware that I love many artists who can’t really sing or dance or be interesting. It’s jut not working for Paris. She literally can’t do anything right in this video. NONE of it is coming together. The only thing this video does is remind me of a time when Paris Hilton may have been culturally relevant.

She is one of the first celebrities known to be famous for being famous, which is fine but that’s all she can do at this point, it’s all she was ever good at doing: reminding people that she exists. That is her talent, her skill, that is what she is good at—so go back to reality TV because The Simple Life was brilliant.

Paris Hilton is 32 years old now, she she’d be better off writing a memoir or appearing on Dancing With The Stars instead of cavorting with whom I can only imagine are Miley Cyrus’ friends. This is one of the few videos that has more dislikes than likes on Youtube.


Emerald is an editor at CollegeCandy, lover of coffee, and pretend francophile. After studying writing and popular culture at NYU she decided to be a grownup and get a job. Tweet at ya' girl @EmeraldGritty.