Six Simple Cuffing Season Guidelines [Diary of the Undateable]

Attention, single ladies: cuffing season is upon us. It’s the time of year where those who usually prefer to fly solo search for a partner to pass time with when it’s too cold to scheme, flirt and twerk. Though I’ve yet to be cuffed in any season, I can see the benefits of being a cuffee – the games get old after a while. My list of potentials is kind of skimpy, so these rules don’t necessarily apply to me and my life. But I know people who know people who’ve cuffed and been cuffed successfully. Here are a few things that they told me:

Download Nothing Was the Same
After seeing a bunch of funny memes and teary tweets about how good #NWTS was, I (illegally) downloaded it. And I’ve had to stop myself from sending “do you miss me?” texts to like, three guys since then. Drake is so open about his feelings and has the ability to make the most hardened heart shed a thug tear and text a few ghosts of relationships past. Give into the hype and add the album to your date night playlist. But don’t Drake and drive…you’ll end up at your ex’s apartment door.

Don’t Forget the Fun

When it’s cold out, make sure you have some fun things to do while staying in. Balance your queue with “Breaking Bad” reruns and romantic foreign films…anything interesting to make sure you guys are actually watching TV instead of the TV watching y’all…if you know what I mean. But if you do decide to venture out, dare to do something different than the old dinner and movie standby. Check out an exhibit at a local gallery or even do some volunteer work together. Cuffing season can be creative, folks!

Keep Your Appointments

Just because shorts and sandal season is over doesn’t mean that you get a free pass when it comes to wax, mani and pedi appointments, girlfriend. Keep it cute for your crush and continue with your pretty girl upkeep. It’ll benefit the both of you in the long run…and hello, the salons are way emptier in the winter, too.

Whittle Down Your List of Potentials

It’ll be difficult to give your all to someone if your feelings are divided between several people. Yeah, it’s always nice to have options…but if you really want to be cuffed, commit the right way.

Stock up on Selfies

I’ve already talked about how I hate, hate, HATE the ever-popular “send me a pic” request. It’s way too much pressure to remain picture-perfect. Unless you’re Instagram-ready at a moment’s notice, take a few pictures when you’re feeling fly so you won’t have to scramble for your makeup bag when that dreaded text comes in.

Establish Some Ground Rules

If you allow yourself to be cuffed, it is imperative to establish the boundaries of your relationship. Are you guys exclusively talking? Dating? Or in an actual relationship? Cuffing is interpreted in many different ways by different people. But if you know what you want, make it known so that you won’t be hurt later on when the snow melts.

CollegeCandy ladies and gents, did I leave any cuffing season rules out? Let me know!

When she’s not watching for Blue Ivy sightings or doing some serious Facebook creeping, Khalea moonlights as a print journalism major at the REAL HU, Howard University. Follow her on Twitter at @letsbeKHAlear, or feel free to Twatch. Whatever works for you.

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