#FatShamingWeek Is Taking Over Twitter and Proves People Have No Souls

On Monday of this week Return of Kings, a blog for heterosexual bro dudes, declared this week Fat Shaming Week. With the week coming to an end, we must reflect.

First of all… This happened. This is real life. It was a thing and it exploded all over twitter. Sure, a lot of the tweets were people stating this is horrifying. There were lots of tweets about loving curves and butter and pizza (PREACH!).
But also, lots of people feeling really, really passionate about #fatshaming.

The following statements were also tweeted by users, but have since been deleted:

-Saw your butthurt comments on the @ReturnOfKings FB page. Obese women are unhealthy, ugly and disgusting. #FatShamingWeek

-Fat women don’t deserve to be loved #FatShamingWeek #jezebel

-Young women, don’t listen to those fat acceptance demons! They’re out to kill you! Start losing weight now before too late! #FatShamingWeek

The theory of the guys who started this all, was this: “We at ROK fully understand that the reason women are so against fat shaming is because it works. Mocking someone for lazy and slothful behavior is one of the best ways to motivate them to change and appear more pleasing before our presence.”

Let me be clear. This is pretty disgusting.

Let me also be clear, there is a profound difference between FAT SHAMING and acknowledging our country has an obesity problem. A huge difference between telling fat women they don’t deserve love, and encouraging positive changes in our society to promote healthy life styles. READ: healthy. Not skinny.

These tweets made me feel pretty sick to my stomach. Like Twitter has brought all of my high school nightmares to my adult life. To everyone’s adult lives. Popular douchey bros dictating how we should look. Telling us we aren’t good enough. Telling us we don’t deserve love, and that it’s all our fault.

To the guys at RoK, I say fuck you.

I also say their theory is flawed. All their mocking and attempts to shame me into being thinner, only made me want to eat my cheeseburger more last night. Only made me enjoy my delicious bagel a little bit extra this morning. Because, some things do taste as good as skinny feels. Namely, butter.

And yes, while I still will run 8 miles tonight — it’s because I am training to be a stronger, more powerful woman. Not because I feel ashamed.

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