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How to Visit Atlanta on a Student Budget!


I have a bad case of wanderlust. And by bad I mean, my friends pretty much ignore me anytime the topic of travel comes up. Going new places is basically all I think about, that and Matt Damon, but I digress…

Wanderlust is the mortal enemy of wallets everywhere. Once you are bitten by the travel bug you can kiss any hopes of having commas in your bank account goodbye. All of your funds go to plane tickets and filling up your tank. It only took me a couple weeks of Ramen noodle dinners before I grew tired of being broke (and all of the excess calories.)

Then it hit me. I live in one of the busiest cities in the country. Atlanta. There are hundreds of things to do here that won’t have my wallet screaming for mercy.

Here’s a list of a few budget friendly things to do if you’re ever in the A (Thank you for still reading after I used the phrase “the A.” It won’t happen again.)


Vortex: If you are into weird atmospheres and delicious burgers for a cheap price then the Vortex is definitely for you. Vortex is an Atlanta staple. You can’t come to my city and not taste one of their delicious burgers.

The Varsity: The varsity is the loudest grease pit that you’ll ever step into. I doubt its been cleaned since it opened and the food will give you nothing less than a coronary. But that’s all part of its charm. Not to mention its dirt cheap. I stop there every time I’m home.


Sidebar: Sidebar is right down the street from Georgia State University and caters to mostly college students so no one will judge you if you get trashed in the afternoon.

Hole in the Wall: $3 pitchers and $5 Jager Bombs. Need I say more?


Underground Atlanta: Underground Atlanta is like a strip mall that’s completely underground. There are dozens of places to eat and stores to shop ( or window shop for those of us on thePB&J budget)

Centennial Park: Orginally constructed for the Olympic games, Centennial park is 21 acres of mostly free fun. There are tons of concerts and street vendors all around the park. If you go at 12:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. you can witness the Fountain of Rings show for free.


Little Five Points: Little Five Points is like the holy mecca of beatniks and free spirits. So, naturally its one of my favorite places in Atlanta. You don’t even have to go in any of the dozens of offbeat shops to have fun at Little Five. It’s one of the few places in Atlanta where you can feel the heartbeat of the city.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site: I know you’re probably thinking the last thing you want to do on a trip to Atlanta is visit a museum, but the MLK center is not your average museum. You can walk through the church that MLK preached in and see original documents and photos all with Atlanta in the backdrop.

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