Wondering If He’s Into You? If He Doesn’t Know Your Name, Then Probably Not

We all have people that we work with that we may be crushing on a little bit. Some people joke that they’re “work wives” or “work husbands,” but what happens when you really don’t know if it’s more than that? Is he into you or not?! As young single women, we just want to know that we’re adored and loved and amazing, and we probably need a man to give us affirmations of that on a daily basis. Just give us constant validation, is that so difficult?

In this humorous video made by Buzzfeed, we join a woman on her quest to win over a coworker’s affections. She keeps wondering why he is forgetting her name or never touching her or literally saying, “I am not interested,” but it’s like does he mean it? Guys are so hard to read! UGH! In this video, it’s pretty clear that this poor guy is just trying to get his work done so he can go home to his girlfriend (but maybe he’s still interested?), and that he’s really turned off by the creepy ways of his female admirer.

Sometimes, guys are just not into us, check out the video below to see some signs and maybe save you some heartache!

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